The Victory Lane Magazine Podcast

On the Scene at Blackhawk Farms Raceway with VSCDA

June 23, 2020

Today's episode features Alex Rorke, Stacey Donato, Ron Soave, Scott Reif , & Jim Donato of VSCDA in a discussion about the preparation and execution that went into pulling off a very successful race weekend at Blackhawk Farms. VSCDA is no stranger to big events, annually running the ELVF which in 2019 featured c. 200 cars in the Formula Ford class alone... but as listeners of this podcast (and race fans in general) will know the challenge of the moment is not dealing with the car count or the many other issues that fill a race chair's anxieties, rather it's how do the organizers rebuild and well practiced process with the safety and health concerns of the moment in mind. This episode gives a very candid look into how one club accomplished that and enjoyed the weekend to boot.

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